Baby Names for Mrigashirsha Nakshatra

Page 7 Looking for a Baby Name for Mrigashirsha Nakshatra? Here is the list of 942 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
kamalaa Saraswathi Girl
Kamalabandhu Friend of lotus, Sun Boy
Kamalaj Lord Brahama, Lord Brahma Boy
Kamalakanth Lord Vishnu Boy
Kamalakar Lord Vishnu Boy
Kamalaksh One whose Eyes are Beautiful Like Lotuses Boy
Kamalakshana Lotus-eyed Lord Boy
Kamalakshi One whose eyes are beautiful like lotuses Girl
Kamalanayan Lotus eyed Boy
Kamalapathi Lord Vishnu Boy
Kamalapati Lord Vishnu Boy
Kamalasanan The Lord Brahma Boy
Kamalbandhu Brother of Lotus, Brother of lotus Sun Boy
Kamalekshan Lotus eyed Boy
Kamalesh The Preserver, Lord Vishnu Boy
Kamaleshwar God of Lotus, Lord Vishnu, Lord of lotus Boy
Kamali Spirit Guide, Protector Girl
Kamalika Lakshmi, Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Kamalinee A lotus plant Girl
Kamalini Lotus, A lotus plant Girl
Kamalkali The bud of a lotus Girl
Kamalkant Lord Vishnu Boy
Kamalnath Lord Vishnu Boy
Kamalnayan Lotus-eyed, Lotus eyed Boy
Kaman Desire, Wish, Desired Boy
Kamana Desire Girl
Kamaroopin Changing form at will Boy
Kamaroopine Altering form at will Boy
Kamat Free, Unrestrained Boy
Kamboj Conch shell, Elephant Boy
Kameesha Girl
Kamesh Lord of Love Boy
Kameshvari Parvati, The Lord of Desires Girl
Kameshwar Cupid, Lord of Love Boy
Kameshwary Kama God Boy
Kamesvari Parvati, The Lord of desires Girl
Kameswar God of Passion, Whom Work is Lord, Cupid Boy
Kameswari Another Name of Parvati Girl
Kamik Desired Boy
Kamika Desired, Wished for Boy

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