Baby Names for Mrigashirsha Nakshatra

Page 4 Looking for a Baby Name for Mrigashirsha Nakshatra? Here is the list of 942 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Kailasnath Master of mount Kailash, Lord Shiva Boy
Kaira Peaceful, Pure, Unique Girl
Kairabh Born from lotus Boy
Kairav White Lotus, Sound of Morning Birds Boy
Kairavi Full Moon, Moonlight Girl
Kairvi Moonlight Girl
Kaisha Flower Girl
Kaishik Passion Boy
Kaishori The Adolescent, Goddess Parvati Girl
Kaitak Comeing from the kerva tree Boy
Kaitav Hindu sage, An old Rushi, Deceitful Boy
Kaivally Boy
Kaivalya Goodness, Solitude, Detachment, Isolation Boy
Kaivya Knowledge of poet Girl
Kajal Kohl, Collyrium, Muscara Surma, Eyeliner Boy
Kajali Kohl, Medical lotion, Collyrium Girl
Kajalsri Eye liner Girl
Kajish Lord vinayagar Boy
Kajol Kohl, Collyrium, Mascara, Eye liner (1) Boy
Kajri Cloud like Girl
Kakali A musical instrument Girl
Kaki Black bird Boy
Kakoli Chirping of Birds at Dawn Girl
Kakon Insect, Caterpillar, Girl
Kaksha White Flower, White Rose, White rose Girl
Kakshak Living in the forest Boy
Kakshap Water drinker Boy
Kakshi Of Jungle, Perfume, Fragrant Earth, Girl
kaksi Perfume Girl
Kal-hans Swan Boy
Kala The Fine Arts, Talent, The Sun, Time, Fate Boy
Kala Devi Art, Phases of Moon (1) Girl
Kala Priya Lover of art Boy
Kaladhar One who shows different phases Boy
Kalai Wrist, Nallavan Boy
Kalaiarasi Topmost Part of the Tower of a Temple Girl
Kalaimagal Queen of Arts, Goddess Saraswati Girl
Kalaiselvi An Art Work, Goddess Saraswati Girl
Kalaivani Goddess Saraswathi, Goddess of Arts Girl
Kalaka Blue, Durga, Pupil if the eye Girl

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