Baby Girl Names for Magha Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Girl Name for Magha Nakshatra? Here is the list of 457 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Like
Maagha Name of a Nakshathra, Months name
Maaheshvari Power of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati
Maahi Beautiful, Love, River, Great earth
Maala Garland
Maalavi Princess, A musical Raag
Maalika Garland, Jasmine, Daughter, Queen, Owner
Maalini As Beautiful as Flowers, Sweet, Fragrant
Maanavi Wife of Manu, Born of Man
Maanavika Young girl
Maandavi Fit, Competent, Administrator
Maandhari Honourable
Maanhitha Together, Conversation with God, Honored
Maanini Determined, Proud, Angry, Self-respecting
Maansi The One who Gives Peace
Maanushi Woman, Goddess Laxmi
Maanvi Kind Hearted
Maanya The quiet one, Worthy of honor
Maanyata Principles, Assumption
Maarisha Worthy, Respectable
Maariya A Young Dog or Fox
Maatangi Roaming, Cloud, Elephant
Maaya Illusion, Goddess Lakshmi
Madanika Aroused, Excited,
Madhavilata Spring Creeper, A flowering creeper
Madhu Bindu Drop of Honey
Madhu-Priya Goddess Durga, Fond of Honey
Madhubala Sweet girl
Madhubhala Honey spear
Madhuchhanda Sweet Rhythm
Madhukaitabhahantri Slayer of the demon-duo Madhu and kaitabha
Madhukari Bee
Madhuksara One who showers Honey
Madhul Sweet
Madhulata Sweet Creeper
Madhulatha Sweet creeper or Lovely creeper (1)
Madhulekha Beautiful
Madhulika Nectar, Honey
Madhumalathi Name of a Raga, A flowering creeper
Madhumalati Name of a Raga, A flowering creeper
Madhumalli Royal Jasmine

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