Baby Names for Magha Nakshatra

Page 3 Looking for a Baby Name for Magha Nakshatra? Here is the list of 1152 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Madhughne Killer of demon Madhu Boy
Madhughosh Honey, Nectar, Sweet sounding Boy
Madhuj Made of Honey Boy
Madhuja Made of Honey Boy
Madhuk A honeybee Boy
Madhukaitabhahantri Slayer of the demon-duo Madhu and kaitabha Girl
Madhukant With a Sweet Voice, Moon, The Moon Boy
Madhukanta The Moon Boy
Madhukar Honey bee, Lover Boy
Madhukari Bee Girl
Madhukesh Hair of Lord Vishnu Boy
Madhukiran Sweet Ray as from God Boy
Madhuksara One who showers Honey Girl
Madhul Sweet Girl
Madhula Sweet Boy
Madhulan Boy
Madhulata Sweet Creeper Girl
Madhulatha Sweet creeper or Lovely creeper (1) Girl
Madhulekha Beautiful Girl
Madhulika Nectar, Honey Girl
Madhumalathi Name of a Raga, A flowering creeper Girl
Madhumalati Name of a Raga, A flowering creeper Girl
Madhumalli Royal Jasmine Girl
Madhumanti Sweet, Polite, Girl
Madhumathi Delight Moon, Full of Honey Girl
Madhumati Delight Moon, Full of Honey Girl
Madhumay Consisting of Honey Boy
Madhumika Girl
Madhumita Sweet Girl, Full of Honey, Sweet person Girl
Madhumitha Full of Honey, Sweet person, Sweet Person Girl
Madhunika Sweetness of Honey Girl
Madhunisha Pleasant night Girl
Madhup Attraction, A Honeybee, A honeybee Boy
Madhupal Honey keeper Boy
Madhuparna Tulsi leaf Boy
Madhupreetha Goddess Durga Girl
Madhura Sugar, A bird, Sweet Boy
Madhuram Good, Sweet Boy
Madhurani Queen of bees Girl
Madhuri Sweetness, Sweet girl Boy

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