Baby Girl Names for Jyeshta Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Girl Name for Jyeshta Nakshatra? Here is the list of 118 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Baby Girl Names for Jyeshta Nakshatra - NamesLook


Name Meaning Like
Noboya Name of Goddess Durga
Nora Light, Honour
Noshi Sweet
Noshitha Great
Novika New
Noyonika Beautiful eyes that induce magnetism
Yaadavi Goddess Durga
Yaadhavi Goddess Durga
Yaami Path, Progress, Beautiful
Yaamini Night or nocturnal (1)
Yaasana Desire,
Yachana Pleading, Pray for Something, Entreaty
Yachna Sing, Prathna, Establishes, Pleading
Yadamma Mother of Remembrance,
Yadavi Goddess Durga
Yadhana Smile
Yadita Silence, Lord of Night, Lord of night
Yadva Mind, Intelligence, Insight
Yagapriya Name of a Raga
Yagavi Bright
Yagnitha Worship
Yagnya Goddess Durga, Ceremonial rites to God
Yahavi Bright
Yahsmita Powerful,
Yahva Heaven and earth, Flowing water
Yahvi Heaven, Earth
Yajushi Nice,
Yakshini A Yakshini is the female counterpart of the male Yaksha
Yakshita Wonder girl
Yakshitha Success, Wonder Girl, Wonder girl
Yaksini Prayer, Worship
Yalinee Goddess Saraswati, Melodious
Yalini Melodious, Music Melodies, Music Name
Yalisai Melodious
Yamika Night
Yamini Light in the Dark, Night, Nocturnal
Yamrutha Nice good one

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