Baby Names for Jyeshta Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Name for Jyeshta Nakshatra? Here 329 astrology based nice names found for Jyeshta Nakshatra to name your cute baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Noboya Name of Goddess Durga Girls Name
Noel Christmas, Born on Christmas Day Boys Name
Nohitha Girls Name
Nolan Noble, Descendant of Nuallan Boys Name
Nomit Nominate for Particular Work Boys Name
Nomita Boys Name
Nomshi Girls Name
Nonu Boys Name
Nora Light, Honour Girls Name
Noshi Sweet Girls Name
Noshika Girls Name
Noshitha Great Girls Name
Novika New Girls Name
Noyonika Beautiful eyes that induce magnetism Girls Name
Yaachan Prayer Boys Name
Yaadav Anthor name for Krishna Boys Name
Yaadavi Goddess Durga Girls Name
Yaadhavi Goddess Durga Girls Name
Yaaj Anthor name for Shiva Boys Name
Yaajak Sacrificing priest Boys Name
Yaami Path, Progress, Beautiful Girls Name
Yaamini Night or nocturnal (1) Girls Name
Yaamir The Moon Boys Name
Yaasana Desire Girls Name
Yaashk Exerting Boys Name
Yaashvan Winner Boys Name
Yaatiesh Lord of devotees Boys Name
Yachana Pleading, Pray for Something, Entreaty Girls Name
Yachna Sing, Prathna, Establishes, Pleading Girls Name
Yadab Lord Krishna Boys Name
Yadamma Mother of Remembrance Girls Name
Yadav Lord Krishna, Descedent of Yadu Boys Name
Yadavendra Lord Krishna Boys Name
Yadavi Goddess Durga Girls Name
Yadhana Smile Girls Name
Yadhav Lord Krishna, Descendent of Yadu Boys Name
Yadhavan Lord Krishna Boys Name
Yadhu Lord Krishna, An ancient king Boys Name
Yadita Silence, Lord of Night, Lord of night Girls Name
Yadnesh Spirit of Happiness, Spirit of Joy Boys Name

About Jyeshta nakshatra

Jyeshtha (The Eldest) is the 18th nakshatra or lunar mansion in Vedic astrology associated with the heart of the constellation Scorpii, and the stars α (Antares), σ, and τ . The symbol of Jyeshtha is a circular amulet, umbrella, or earring, and it is associated with Indra, chief of the gods. The lord of Jyeshtha is Budha (Mercury). Jyestha is termed in Malayalam as Kētta and in Tamil as Kēttai. The nakshtra is called honorifically as Trikkētta (Tiru + Kētta). Wikipedia