Baby Names for Jyeshta Nakshatra

Page 5 Looking for a Baby Name for Jyeshta Nakshatra? Here is the list of 329 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Yashmitha Famous, Glorious, Famous or glorious (1) Girl
Yashna To pray, White rose, One with Fame Boy
Yashneil Famous, Glorious, Successful Boy
Yashoda Famous, Successful Girl
Yashodagarba Sambhoota Emerging from yashodas womb Girl
Yashodev Lord of fame Boy
Yashodhan Rich in fame Boy
Yashodhar Famous Boy
Yashodhara One who has achieved fame Boy
Yashoguri Girl
Yashomati Successful Lady, Victorious, Famous Girl
Yashovardhana One who improve your glory Boy
Yashovarman Victorious, Glorious, Famous, Successful Boy
Yashpal Protector of Fame, Successful Boy
Yashree Star, Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Yashri Greatness, Goodness Lakshmi Girl
Yashritha Blossom Girl
Yashshree Gods name of success Girl
Yashshri Fame, Cooperative Girl
Yashu Peace, Calm (1), Beauty Girl
Yashus Glory Boy
Yashvanth Forever Young Boy
Yashvardhan Boy
Yashvardhana One who improve your glory Boy
Yashvasin Beloved and ever popular Lord Boy
Yashveer Glorious and brave Boy
Yashvi Fame Boy
Yashvin Winner of fame Boy
Yashvir Brave and Glorious, Glorious and brave Boy
Yashvy Fame Girl
Yashwant One who has achieved glory, Always famous Boy
Yashwanth Always Famous, Always Young Boy
Yashwardhan The one who is famous with his goodwill spreading all around Boy
Yashwini Successfull Lady, To Succeed Girl
Yashwitha Success Girl
Yashyassri Girl
Yasi Famous, Successful Girl
Yasmini Girl
Yasmita Famous, Glorious, Famous or glorious (1) Girl
Yasoda Conferring Fame, Lord Krishna's Mother Girl

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