Baby Names for Hasta Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Name for Hasta Nakshatra? Here is the list of 843 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Paanchali Wife of Pandavas Girls Name
Paarthivi Earth, Daughter of the earth Girls Name
Paarul Beautiful, Practical, Kind Girls Name
Paarvati Goddess Durga Girls Name
Paatala Goddess Durga, Red in color Girls Name
Paatalavati Wearing red-color attire Girls Name
Paavaki Name of Lord Murugan Girls Name
Paavana Purifying, Pure, Sacred Boys Name
Paavani Pure, Purifying, Honey, Lord Hanuman, True Girls Name
Paavni To Make Pure Something, Knowledge Girls Name
Paawani Girls Name
Paawni Sacred Girls Name
Paayal Anklet, Type of Jewellery (Leg Chain) Girls Name
Padamavati Goddess Lakshmi Girls Name
Padma Priya Lover of lotus Girls Name
Padmagriha Who resides in a lotus Girls Name
Padmaja Born from lotus, Lakshmi, Lotus Born Boys Name
Padmajai Born from lotus, Lakshmi Girls Name
Padmakali Lotus bud Girls Name
Padmakalyani Name of a Raga Girls Name
Padmakshi One with Lotus-like Eyes Girls Name
Padmakshya One with lotus like eyes Girls Name
Padmal Lotus Boys Name
Padmalaya Lotus Dweller, Lake of lotuses Boys Name
Padmalochana Lotus Eyes, Lotus Eyed, Lotus eyed Girls Name
Padmamaladhara Wearer of lotus garland Girls Name
Padmamalini Goddess Lakshmi Girls Name
Padmamukhi Lotus Faced, Lotus faces Girls Name
Padmanabha Priya The Lord who has a lotus shaped navel Girls Name
Padmanabhapriya Beloved of Padmanabha Girls Name
Padmanethra Similar Girls Name
Padmapriya Lover of lotus, Goddess Lakshmi Girls Name
Padmarekha Lotus-like Lines on Palm Girls Name
Padmaroopa Like a lotus Girls Name
Padmashree Divine lotus Girls Name
Padmashri Goddess of Wealth, Seated in a Lotus Boys Name
Padmasree Divine lotus Girls Name
Padmasundari Beautiful like the lotus Girls Name
Padmavasa One who resided in lotus Girls Name
Padmavathi Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Lakshmi Girls Name

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