Baby Names for Chitra Nakshatra

Page 3 Looking for a Baby Name for Chitra Nakshatra? Here is the list of 860 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Rachita Prepared, Created Boy
Rachiyata Creator Girl
Rachna Construction, Arrangement, Creative Art Girl
Radha Success, Prosperity Girl
Radha Krishna Radha and Lord Krishna Boy
Radhak Generous, **, Liberal Boy
Radhakanta Lord Krishna Boy
Radhamani Beloved of Lord Krishna, Girl
Radhana Speech Girl
Radhani Worship Girl
Radharani Created, Wife of Shiva ( Rudra ) Girl
Radhatanaya Son of Radha, Boy
Radhav Lord Krishna Boy
Radhavallabh Lord Krishna, Beloved of Radha Boy
Radhe Shyam Lord Krishna and Radha Boy
Radhesh Lord Krishna, A name of Lord Krishna Boy
Radheshyam Lord Krishna Boy
Radhey Karna Boy
Radheya Warrior Karna, Son of Sun Boy
Radhika Successful, Prosperous Boy
Radhya Name of Radha, To be Worshipped Girl
Radite Sun, Unpredictable and radicalism Boy
Radnya Daughter of king Girl
raga Harmonious, Melody, Tune, Feeling, Beauty Girl
Ragab Seventh Islamic Month, Boy
Ragajanani Goddess Durga Girl
Ragav Lord of God, Born in Raghu Vansh Boy
Ragavardhini Name of a Raga Girl
Ragavarshini One who showers ragas Girl
Ragavathi Passionate Girl
Ragavendra Boy
Ragavi Beautiful, Lord Siva, Sings with Raaga Girl
Ragavinodini Name of a Raga Girl
Rageesh Goddess of melody or master of melodic modes Boy
Ragesh Goddess of melody or master of melodic modes Boy
Raghav Lord Rama Boy
Raghava Lord of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God Boy
Raghavan A descendant of raghuvamsa Boy
Raghavender Lord Raghavendra Swami Boy
Raghavendra Leader of the Raghus, Lord Rama Boy

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