Baby Girl Names for Bharani Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Girl Name for Bharani Nakshatra? Here is the list of 100 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Baby Girl Names for Bharani Nakshatra - NamesLook


Name Meaning Like
Leelamayee Playful
Leelavathi Playful, Goddess Durga
Leelavati Playful, Goddess Durga
Leelawati Goddess Durga, Playful
Leelima Lovely,
Leena A Devoted One, Tender, Light, Free Man
Leenata Humility
Leenatha Humility
Leepaakshi Girl with peacock eyes
Leesha Noble sort
Leeza Joy, Devoted to God
Lehak A Light that Shines Very Bright
Leheri Wave
Leisha Happiness, Beautiful Angel, Angle
Leivina Dragnet
Lekha Writing, Picture, Mark
Lekhana Pen, Written Poem,
Lekhi Writing, Picture
Lekhya Mathematician, World
Lekisha Life, Woman, Cheerful
Lekshana Beautiful, One with auspicious signs
Lekya Write, Mathematician
Lema Eye, The Beauty of an Eye
Lemmie Devoted to the Lord
Lena Light, Pledge, Bright One, Moonlight
Lenisha Beautiful,
Leora Light
Levinika Infinite, Strength
Libni Manuscripts of God
Ligy Flower of Angel,
Likita Writing
Likitha Writer, Writing, Goddess Sarswathi
Lilama Playful, Divine drama (1)
Lilavarti Playful, Amusing, Charming
Lilavati God's will, Goddess Durga
Lilawatti To Write,
Lilly Lily

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