Baby Boy Names for Bharani Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Boy Name for Bharani Nakshatra? Here is the list of 120 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Baby Boy Names for Bharani Nakshatra - NamesLook


Name Meaning Like
Leeladhar Capable, Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu
Leelakar Lord Krishna
Lehan One who Refuses, Completion of Tasks
Lehar Wave, Waves
Lekh Writings, Contribution, Document, Article
Lekhak An author
Lekhan Writing, Article
Lekhit Written
Lekith Written, Beautiful Writing
Lemar Talented one
Lenin A Little Cape, Cloak, Lover
Lepaksh Lord Siva, Having painted eyes
Lesh Small portion, Littleness
Lian Honest, Lotus
Lidin Special,
Liga Lord of sweetness
Lijesh Bright Feature, Light,
Likesh Name of Lord Shiva,
Likhil Saraswati
Likhit Written
Likhita Write Standing, Writing
Likhith Writing, Written
Likhitha Writing
Likilesh Sarawasti, Saraswati
Likith Writer, Written, Lord Vishnu, Aim
Lila Divine Drama, Pleasure, Purity, Divine play
Liladhar Lord Vishnu
Lincy Kindness,
Lingadevaru Lord Shiva
Lingadhyaksha Lord of the lingas
Lingaiah Lord Vishnu
Lingam Symbol of God Shiva, Lingam
Lingamurthy Name of Lord Shiva, Shivasannidi
Lingapandi God Siva, Lord Shiva
Lingaraja Good Shiva Name, Lord of the lingas

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