Baby Names for Ashvini Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Name for Ashvini Nakshatra? Here 268 astrology based nice names found for Ashvini Nakshatra to name your cute baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Chedi Which Cuts and Break, Which cut and break Boys Name
Cheena Pure white marble Girls Name
Chelan Beautiful Lake, Deep water Boys Name
Cheliyan Rich, Resourceful, Prosperous Boys Name
Chellam Pampered Girls Name
Chellamani Cute Pearl, Precious Gem, Precious gem Boys Name
Chellamma Sweet and Love, Pampered girl Girls Name
Chellamuthu Cute Pearl, Precious Pearl Boys Name
Chellapan Precious Boys Name
Chelsea Chalk Port, Landing Place, Port Girls Name
Cheluva Looking handsome Boys Name
Chemmal Premier, Best Boys Name
Chenna Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Cheranraj Life Boys Name
Cheranya Supportive Girls Name
Cherasya Boys Name
Cherika Moon, The Moon Girls Name
Cherith Cutting, Piercing, Slaying, Beloved Girls Name
Cherry Sweet, Fruit Name, Darling, Fruit Boys Name
Chervik Validation Boys Name
Cheshta To try, Desire, Needs Girls Name
Cheshtaa To try, Desire, Hard Wish of Heart Girls Name
Chetak Rana prataps horse, Thoughtful Boys Name
Chetaki Conscious Girls Name
Chetal Cold, Angel, Having Life, Having life Girls Name
Chetan Perceptive, Consciousness, Life Boys Name
Chetana Perceptive or consciousness or life or excellent intelligence Boys Name
Chetanaanand Supreme Joy Boys Name
Chetananand Supreme Joy Boys Name
Chetandeep Lamp of Consciousness Boys Name
Chetansai Boys Name
Chetas Wisdom, Grandeur, Soul, Heart, Mind Boys Name
Chethan Active, Charming, Life, Spirit of life Boys Name
Chethana Perceptive or consciousness or life or excellent intelligence Girls Name
Chethanya Girls Name
Chethasaa By consciousness Girls Name
Chethna Perceptive or consciousness or life or excellent intelligence Girls Name
Chetna Consciousness, Power of Intellect, Alert Girls Name
Chetsi Girls Name
Chetty Lord Murugan, Mind Boys Name

About Ashvini nakshatra

Ashvini is the first nakshatra (lunar mansion) in Hindu astrology having a spread from 0°-0'-0" to 13°-20', corresponding to the head of Aries, including the stars β and γ Arietis. The name aśvinī is used by Varahamihira (6th century). The older name of the asterism, found in the Atharvaveda (AVS 19.7; in the dual) and in Panini (4.3.36), was aśvayúj "harnessing horses". Wikipedia