Baby Names for Ashvini Nakshatra

Page 2 Looking for a Baby Name for Ashvini Nakshatra? Here is the list of 268 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Page 2 Baby Names for Ashvini Nakshatra - NamesLook


Name Meaning Gender Like
Chetu Power of Intellect, Boy
Chevatkodiyon Lord Murugan Boy
Chezian Graceful Boy
Cholamitra Boy
Cholan A south indian dynasty Boy
Choodamani Crest jewel Girl
Chotu Small Boy
Chudamani Jewel Adorned by the Gods, Crest Jewel Boy
Chuman Curious Boy
Chumban Kiss Girl
Chumki Decorative Star / Sitara, Girl
Chunmay Supreme consciousness Boy
Chunni Star, A star Girl
Chutki Little One, Tiny Girl, Little one Girl
Laakini Divine, A Goddess who gives and takes Girl
Laalitya Loveliness, Grace, Beauty, Good Boy
Laasak Dancer, Body, Playful, Peacock, Another Boy
Laashya Happiness Girl
Laasya Smile, Dance performed by Goddess Parvati Boy
Laasyavi Smile of Goddess Lalita Girl
Laavanya Grace, Beauty Boy
Laayak Fit, Clever, Capable Boy
Labangalata Sun, Flowering Creeper Girl
Labanya Beautiful, Beauty Girl
Labdhi Heavenly power Girl
Labh Gain, Advantage, Profit Boy
Labha Profit Girl
Laboni Graceful, Grace Girl
Labonya Brilliant, Beautiful Girl
Labuki Musical instrument Boy
Lachman Younger Brother of Ram, Boy
Ladhi Sangeet, Sangeet music Girl
Ladli Loved One, The Dearest One, Loved one Girl
Ladu King Boy
Lagan Appropriate time Boy
Laghima Goddess Parvathi, Goddess Parvati Girl
Laghu Lovely, Pure, Young, Quick Boy
Laghun Quick Boy
Laghuvi Tender Girl
Lahari Waves, Tender, Wave Girl

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