Mythological Baby Girl Names

134 Mythological Baby Girl Names Available With Name Meaning. Browse All 134 Mythological Baby Girl Names And Choose The Perfect Name For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Like
Ahalya Wife of Rishi Gautam
Ahilya Maiden, Without Any Deformation
Aishani Another Name of Goddess Durga
Akshainie Goddess Parvati
Amba Goddess Durga
Anasooya Wife of Rishi Atri
Anushri Goddess, Pretty, Goddess Annapurana
Anusuya Non-jealous, Wife of the Sage, Non jealous
Aparna Leafless, Precious Gemstone, Leaf, Dream
Baidehi Sita
Baruna Wife of the Lord of the Sea, Foreign
Baruni Goddess Durga
Bhagirathi The River Ganga, Mother of Bhishma
Bhagvati Another Name of Goddess Lakshmi
Bhagyashree Fortunate, Goddess Lakshmi, Auspicious
Bhagyashri Goddess Lakshmi, Fortunate, Auspicious
Bhairavi A Melody in Classical Music
Bhanupriya Beloved of the Sun, The suns beloved
Binata The Wife of Sage Kashyap,
Chakrika Goddess Lakshmi
Chandika Like Moon, Diminutive of Chandana
Chandira Moon
Chandrani Beautiful as Moon, Wife of Moon
Chitrangada Name of Arjun's Wife
Dakshayani Goddess Parvati, The Daughter of Daksha
Damayanti Lotus Flower, Pretty Dove, Nalas wife
Darshni The One who Blesses
Deepanjali Offering by Lighting Lamps in Worship
Devahuti Daughter of Manu
Devanshi Divine, Part of God
Devyani Like a Goddess, Daughter of Shukraacharya
Dewanshi Divine
Dhanashri Goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi
Dharmishta Lord of Dharma, Wants religion
Dharti Earth
Diti Wife of the Sage Kashyap, Arohi
Draupadi Born from Fire, Wife of Pandavas
Durgeshwari Goddess Durga
Durgha Goddess Durga, Parvati, Devi
Fullara Wife of Kalketu,

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