Mythological Baby names starting with 'K'

Mythological Baby names starting with K - 29 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Mythological Baby names starting with 'K' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Kailash Name of a Himalayan Peak, Abode of Shiva Boy
Kamalakant Lord Vishnu Boy
Kamalesh The Preserver, Lord Vishnu Boy
Kamalkant Lord Vishnu Boy
Kamla Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi, Perfect, Goddess Girl
Kanhaiya Lord Krishna Boy
Kanhaiyalal Lord Sri Krisna, Lord Krishna Boy
Kanvar Young Prince Boy
Kapil Sun, Lovely, Name of a Sage, Lord Ganesha Boy
Kapish Lord Hanuman Boy
Karan A Warrior, Light, The First-born of Kunti Boy
Karna The First Born Baby of Kunti, Gentlemen Boy
Karthik A Hindu Month, One who Bestows Happiness Boy
Kashinath Lord Shiva Boy
Kashyap Saint, Name of a Sage, Son of Brahma Boy
Kedarnath Lord Shiva Boy
Keshav Son of God, Lord Vishnu Boy
Kishan Lord Krishna Boy
Krishan A Lord, Lord Krishna Boy
Krishna Lord Krishna, Intelligent, Strong, Love Boy
Kush Son of Lord Rama Boy
Kusumakar Spring Boy
Kanu Lord Krishna Boy
Kisan Lord Krishna, Farmer Boy
Kartik Strong, Brave Boy
Kamlesh God of Lotus, The Preserver, Lord Vishnu Boy
Kartikeya God of War, Elder Son of Lord Shiva, Brave Boy
Kumari Unmarried, A Girl or Daughter Girl
Kanakpriya Lover of Gold Girl

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