Cute Mythological Baby Names

504 Mythological Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 504 Mythological Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Akul Lord Shiva, A name of Lord Shiva Boys Name
Arun Mythical Charioteer of the Sun, Dawn Boys Name
Angad An Ornament, Part of God Boys Name
Anish Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Arjun Confidence and Power, Pandava Prince Boys Name
Aatish Fireworks, Explosive, Dynamic Person Boys Name
Achyut Imperishable, A Name of Vishnu Boys Name
Agneya Son of Agni, Son of Agni (Son of Agni) Boys Name
Akshaj Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Akshay Indestructible, Unlimited, God of War Boys Name
Akshya Love, Immortal, God, Indestructible Boys Name
Aagneya Son of Agni, Son of the Fire Boys Name
Achyuta Imperishable, A name of Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Ajitesh Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Amaresh Name of Indra, King of Andhra Boys Name
Ashwani Son of Lord Sun, God Boys Name
Abimanyu Arjunas son, Heroic, With self respect Boys Name
Amarnath Immortal God, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Anjaneya Son of Anjani, Name of Hanuman Boys Name
Ashutosh Lord Shiva, Who is easily pleased Boys Name
Avadhesh King dasaratha Boys Name
Aashutosh Name of Lord Shiva Boys Name
Abhimanyu Brave, Fearless, God, Arjuna's Son Boys Name
Anirudhha Free, Grandson of Lord Krishna Boys Name
Ashwatthama Son of Dronacharya, Fiery, Tempered Boys Name
Bali Powerful, Mighty Monkey King of Kiskindha Boys Name
Bhoj Name of a poet king, Meal Boys Name
Badri Old, Lord Shiva, {h}lord Vishnu Boys Name
Bheem Powerful, Positive Thinker Boys Name
Badhri Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Balaji A Name of Lord Vishnu, Lord Boys Name
Balram Krishna's Brother, Krishnas brother Boys Name
Bhudev Lord of the earth Boys Name
Birbal Brave heart Boys Name
Bishnu Lord Vishnu, The Protector Boys Name
Buddha Awakened, Lord Buddha Boys Name
Bajrang A name of Lord Hanuman Boys Name
Balaram The Brother of Lord Krishna Boys Name
Bhairav One who vanquishes fear, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Bhisham A Character of Mahabharata Boys Name