Marathi Baby Girl Names

3778 Marathi Baby Girl names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 3778 Marathi Baby Girl names to name your baby on 2021.

Marathi Baby Girl Names | 3700+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Aab Shine
Aabha Glow, Sun Rays, Strength, Desired
Aabharana Jewel
Aadarsha Idol, Mentor, With An ideology (1), Ideal
Aadarshini Idealistic
Aadhaya First Power
Aadita The Sun, From the Beginning, First
Aadrika Goddess Lakshmi, Mountain, Celestial
Aaina Mirror, Reflection
Aakaksha Desire
Aakanksha Wish, Desire
Aakarsha Above everybody
Aalan Normal
Aalia Exalted, highest social standing
Aaliya High, tall, towering, excellent
Aaloka Lustrous,
Aamaal Hopes, Aspirations, Wishes, aspirations
Aamrapali Leaf of Mango Tree
Aanandita Purveyor of Joy, Happy
Aanya Different, Goddess Durga, Graceful
Aapti Completion, Fulfilment, Conclusion
Aaradhana Respectable, Worship, Prayer
Aaratrika Dusk Lamp Below Tulsi Plant
Aarchi Sunrise, Comic, Ray of light
Aarini Adventurous
Aarnavi Heart as big as ocean
Aarohi Musical Note, Tune, A Music Tune, Lucky
Aarti Form of Worship, Prayer, Worship to God
Aashalata Creeper of hope
Aashika Lovable
Aashima Limitless, Protector, Defendant, Central
Aashirya From the land of God
Aashita One who is Full of Hope,
Aashiyana Beautiful Home, Small Dwelling, Nest
Aashna Hope, Devoted to Love, Beloved, Friend
Aashni Lightning
Aashritha Helping Nature
Aatmaja Daughter, Daughter of the soul
Aayushi One with Long Life, Live Long
Abdeali Follower of Ali

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