Malaysian Baby Names

262 Malaysian Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 262 Malaysian Baby names to name your baby on 2021.

Malaysian Baby Names | 200+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Daud David, Beloved, Darling Boy
Dharvin Smart, Blend of daryl and marvin Boy
Elias The God is My Lord, Jehovah is God Boy
Emilia Industrious, Friendly, Form of Emilie Girl
Faiz Gain, Knight, Grace, Favour, Victorious Boy
Faizal Victory, Won Boy
Fakharuddin Glory of the Religion (Islam) Boy
Fareeq Distribution Boy
Farid Wide, Unique, Without Rival, One of a Kind Boy
Faridah Unique, Matchless, Precious Pearl or Gem Girl
Fariza Light, Beautiful Girl
Farouk Discerning Truth from Falsehood Boy
Fathiyah Joy, Happiness, New Beginning Girl
Fatimah Accustom Girl
Fauzi Successful, Belonging to the Army Boy
Faz Unusal Intelligent and Kind Boy
Fazira Purity Boy
Firdaus Paradise, Heaven, Enclosure, Garden Boy
Ghani Independent, Prosperous Boy
Ghazali Eyes Like Deer Boy
Gnaneswari Goddess of Knowledge Girl
Hadi Guide, Leader, Guide to Righteousness, Gift Boy
Hafeez Protector Boy
Hafiza Protected Girl
Halim Gentle, Generous, Compassionate, Composed Boy
Halimah Gentle, Soft-spoken, Patient, Mild, Humane Girl
Hamdan The Praised One Boy
Hamid Friend, Praiseworthy Boy
Hamidah Praiseworthy, Praising Allah, Appreciative Girl
Hanif Orthodox, Pious Boy
Harlina Moment to Remember God Girl
Harun Messenger, Aharon, Chief, Protector Boy
Hasha Piousness, Cheerfulness, To Laugh Girl
Hasnah Pretty, Beautiful Girl
Hassan Good, Handsome, Beautiful Boy
Hawa Air, Longing, Desire, Eve, Women, Beautiful Girl
Hayati My Life, Presence, Vital Girl
Hillda Girl
Hisham Generous, Noble, Handsome, Beneficence Boy
Huraira Companion of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Boy

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