Malayalam Baby names starting with 'S'

Malayalam Baby names starting with S - 1360 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Malayalam Baby names starting with 'S' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Saachi Beloved, Grace, Truth Girl
Saagar Ocean, Sea or ocean Boy
Saanjh Evening Boy
Saanvi Rainbow, Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Saaras Swan Boy
Saatvik Virtuous, Lord Krishna, Pious Boy
Sabal With strength Boy
Sabeena Beautiful Girl
Sabhya Refined, Of Good Conduct and Manner Boy
Sabina Catlike, Form of Sabine Girl
Sabita Beautiful sunshine Girl
Sabrang Rainbow Boy
Sabri Lord rams devotees, Daughter of cyprus Girl
Sacchidananda Happiness, Total bliss Boy
Sachchit Lord Brahma Boy
Sachetan Animated, Rational Boy
Sachin True, Pure, Existence, Lord Indra Boy
Sachit Consciousness, Joyful Boy
Sachita Consciousness Girl
Sachiv Friend Boy
Sadanand Ever joyous Boy
Sadar Attached, Respectful, Thoughtful Boy
Sadashiv Pure, Eternally pure Boy
Sadashiva Eternal God, Lord Shiva, Eternally Pure Boy
Sadeepan Lighted up Boy
Sadgun Virtues, Good Qualities Boy
Sadhan Work, Achievement, Worship, The shelter Boy
Sadhika Achiever, Simple, Goddess Durga Girl
Sadiva Eternal Boy
Sadru Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu Boy
Saee Flower, Female Friend, Memory Girl
Saesha With great desire and wish, Truth of life Girl
Safal Succeed Boy
Safeeullah Boy
Saffar Coppersmith, An Authority of Hadith Boy
Sagan Lord Shiva Boy
Sagar Wise One, From the Sagebrush Plant Boy
Sagari River, Of the Ocean, Of the ocean Girl
Sagarika Ocean, Related to Sea, Wave Girl
Sagun Possessed of qualities Boy

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