Malayalam Baby names starting with 'R'

Malayalam Baby names starting with R - 349 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Malayalam Baby names starting with 'R' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Ramdas Devotee of Ram, Servant of God Boy
Ramesh Lord Rama, Lord Vishnu, The Preserver Boy
Rameshwar Lord of Rama, Name of Lord Shiva Boy
Rameshwari Parvati, Goddess Parvati Girl
Ramgopal Lord Rama, One who Pleases, Similar to Ram Boy
Ramila Lover Girl
ramini Beautiful girl, Beautiful woman, Pretty Girl
Ramkishore Lord Rama Boy
Ramkrishna Lord Rama Krishna Boy
Ramkumar Lord Rama Boy
Rammohan Lord Rama, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna Boy
Ramnath Lord Shiva, Rameshwaram, Lord Rama Boy
Ramoji Lord Rama Boy
Ramola Who takes interest in everything Girl
Ramprasad Lord Rama, Offering of Lord Rama Boy
Rampratap Lord Rama Boy
Ramra Splendour, Splendor Boy
Ramratan Gods jewel, Lord Rama Boy
Ramswaroop Lord Rama Boy
Rana Joy, Jewel, To Gaze, Look, King, Warrior Boy
Ranajay Victorious Boy
Ranajit Victorious Boy
Ranak I'm King, King Boy
Randheer Light, Bright, Brave Boy
Randhir Brave, Brave in Battle Field, Light, Bright Boy
Ranesh Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva Boy
Rangana Fun-loving, Loving Boy
Ranganath Lord Vishnu Boy
Ranhita Quick, Swift Girl
Ranita Tinkling, Lovely Tune, Cute and pretty Girl
Ranjan Entertaining, Pleasing Boy
Ranjay Delighting, Victor Boy
Ranjeet Victor in Wars, The Delighted One Boy
Ranjini Delightful, One who entertains others Girl
Ranjit Winner, Victorious, The Delighted One Boy
Ranjita Adorned, Success, Pleased Girl
Ranjith Sunrise, King, Brilliant, Smart, Victory Boy
Ranjiv Victorious Boy
Ranveer Winner, The Brave Warrior Boy
Ranya Pleasant, War Like, Gazer, Delighted Girl

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