Malayalam Baby names starting with 'O'

Malayalam Baby names starting with O - 34 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Malayalam Baby names starting with 'O' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Oditi Dawn Girl
Ohas Praise Boy
Oindrila Another Name for the Wife of Indra, Girl
Ojas Shine, Full of Light, Body Strength Boy
Ojaswini Lustrous, Bright Girl
Oma Life giver Boy
Omaja Result of spiritual unity Girl
Omana Lady, Woman, Tender, A woman Girl
Omanand Joy of Om Boy
Omar An Era, The Highest Boy
Omarjeet Lord of Om Boy
Omesa Lord of Om Boy
Omesh Luchy, Lord of the Om Boy
Omeshwar Lord of the Om Boy
Omisha Goddess of Birth and Death Girl
Omkar The Sound of the Sacred Syllable Boy
Omkarnath Lord of Omkar, Shiva, Name of Lord Shiva Boy
Ompati Master of Om Boy
Omprakash Light of God, Sacred Light, Light of Om Boy
Omswaroop Manifestation of divinity Boy
Onella Light Girl
Oorja The energy Girl
Orion Son of Fire, Light of Heaven, Son of fire Boy
Orpita Offering Girl
Oviya Artist, Beautiful Drawing, Painting Girl
Om The Sacred, Lord Shiva Boy
Oni Shelter Boy
Oojam Enthusiasm Boy
Ojayit Courageous Boy
Oorjit Powerful Boy
Obalesh Lord Shiva Boy
Omswarup Like Om Boy
Oshini Girl
Omkareshwari Goddess Parvati, Gauri Girl

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