Lord Rama Names

133 Lord Rama Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 133 Lord Rama Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Adipurusha Primordial being Boys Name
Ahalyashapashamana Remitter of ahalyas curse Boys Name
Anantaguna Full of virtues Boys Name
Vagmine Spolesman, Spokesman Boys Name
Valipramathana Slayer of Vali Boys Name
Varaprada Granter of wishes and boons Boys Name
Vatradhara Practising Penance, Lord Rama Boys Name
Vibheeshanaparitrate Befriended vibbeeshana Boys Name
Viradhavadha Slayer of the demon viradha Boys Name
Vishwamitrapriya Vishwamitras loved one Boys Name
Kausaleya Kausalyas son Boys Name
Vedantasarea Embodiment of philosophy of life Boys Name
Vedatmane Spirit of the Vedas Boys Name
Hanumadakshita Depends and trusts Hanuman to fulfil his task Boys Name
Harakodhandarama Armed with the curved kodhanda bow Boys Name
Hari Sun, Fit, Proper, Tawny, Green, Wind, Fire Boys Name
Hariram Lord Rama, Hari Ram Boys Name
Dayasara Embodiment of kindness Boys Name
Dooshanatrishirohantre Slayer of dooshanatrishira Boys Name
Mahabhuja Giant armed, Broad chested Lord Boys Name
Mahadeva Another name of Lord Shiva, Greatest God Boys Name
Mahadevadi Pujita Worshipped by lore Shiva and other divine lords Boys Name
Mahapurusha Great being Boys Name
Mahayogine Supreme meditator Boys Name
Mahodara Generous and kind Boys Name
Mayamanushyacharitra Incarnation of the human form to establish Dharma Boys Name
Mayamareechahantre Slayer of demon tatakas son mariachi Boys Name
Mitabhashini Reticent and mellifluous speaker Boys Name
Munisansutasanstuta Worshipped by sages Boys Name
Parabrahmane Supreme godhead Boys Name
Paraga Uplifter of the poor Boys Name
Parakasha Bright Boys Name
Paramapurusha The supreme Man Boys Name
Paramatmane The supreme soul Boys Name
Parasmaidhamne Lord of vaikuntta Boys Name
Parasmaijyotishe Most radiant Boys Name
Parasme Most superior, Lord Rama Boys Name
Paratpara Greatest of the greats Boys Name
Paresha Lord of the Lords, A Name for Lord Rama Boys Name
Pitrabhakta Devoted to his father Boys Name