Lord Krishna Baby Names

257 Lord Krishna Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 257 Lord Krishna Baby names to name your baby on 2021.

Lord Krishna Baby Names | 200+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Manhar Lord Krishna Boy
Manmohan Pleasing, Enticer of Heart, Lord Krishna Boy
Meghashyam Lord Krishna Boy
Mohnish Who Attract in First Meeting Boy
Mukund Name of Lord Vishnu, Freedom giver Boy
Munish With God, Lord Buddha, Chief of army Boy
Murali Flute, Lord Krishna, The King of the Earth Boy
Muralidhar Lord Krishna Boy
Muralimanohar Lord Krishna Boy
Murari Lord Krishna Boy
Murarilal Lord Krishna Boy
Murlidhar Bearer of a Flute Boy
Naggar Lord Krishna Boy
Nandakishore Lord Krishna Boy
Nandan Happiness, Lord Krishna, Pleasing, Son Boy
Nandlal Lord Krishna Boy
Narayana Vishnu, Refuge of Man, Lord Vishnu Boy
Nathan Gift from God, God has Given, Given Boy
Natwar Lord Krishna Boy
Neelesh Lord Krishna, Moon Boy
Nilesh Lord Shiva / Krishna Boy
Niranjana Spotless, Pure, Aarti, Name of a river Boy
Nityananda Lord Krishna, Always Happy Boy
Padmaraj Padma is Lord Venkateshwara's Wife Padma's Raja is Therefore Lord Venkateswara Hence Padma Raj is Another Name for Him Boy
Parabrahma The ultimate conscious being Boy
Parthasarathi Charioteer of Partha Lord Krishna Boy
Perumal Lord Venkateshwara, Lord venkateswara Boy
Pinaki Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna Boy
Prabudha Awakened, Lord Buddha Boy
Pyarelal Lord Krishna Boy
Radhakanta Lord Krishna Boy
Radhesh Lord Krishna, A name of Lord Krishna Boy
Radheshyam Lord Krishna Boy
Ramakrishna Pleasing Krishna, Lord Rama Boy
Rasbihari Lord Krishna Boy
Rasesh Lord Krishna Boy
Rayirth Lord Brahma Boy
Sachchit Lord Brahma Boy
Saket Heaven, Lord Krishna with Friends Boy
Samdarshi Lord Krishna Boy

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