Lord Krishna Baby Names

257 Lord Krishna Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 257 Lord Krishna Baby names to name your baby on 2023.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Abhijeet Victorious, Lord Krishna Boy
Ajaya Unconquerable, Undefeated, Unconquered Boy
Amitav Limitless Lustre, Name of Lord Buddha Boy
Anami A name of Lord Buddha Boy
Ananta Infinite, Endless, Eternal Boy
Anish Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva Boy
Aprameya A name of Lord Krishna Boy
Balakrishna Young Krishna Boy
Balgopal Baby Krishna, Infant Krishna Boy
Bali Powerful, Mighty Monkey King of Kiskindha Boy
Banke Lord Krishna Boy
Bankim Curved, Lord Krishna Boy
Banshidhar Lord Krishna Boy
Bansilal Lord Krishna, The first Lord Boy
Banwari Lord Krishna Boy
Brij Lord Krishna Boy
Brijesh Lord Shiva, God of the Land of Brij Boy
Brijmohan Lord Krishna, Krishna Boy
Brijnandan Lord Krishna Boy
Buddha Awakened, Lord Buddha Boy
Buddhadeva Wise Person, Gautam Buddha, Gautama Buddha Boy
Chhandak The charioteer of Lord Buddha Boy
Damodara Tied with a Rope Around the Belly Boy
Darsh Sight, Handsome, Lord Krishna Boy
Dayanidhi Treasure house of mercy Boy
Devakinandan Son of Devki, Lord Krishna Boy
Dhrupad Lord Krishna, Father of Dropadi Boy
Gadin Lord Krishna Boy
Gautam Lord Buddha Boy
Gautham Siddartha Boy
Ghanashyam Lord Krishna Boy
Ghanshyam Lord Swaminarayan, Lord Krishna Boy
Girdhari Lord Krishna Boy
Giridhar One who Holds Mountain, Lord Krishna Boy
Girivar Lord Krishna Boy
Gogula Lord Krishna Boy
Gopal Lord Krishna, Protector of Cows, Cow-herd Boy
Gopesh Lord Krishna Boy
Gotam Lord Buddha, God Gifted Boy
Govind Cow-herd, Lord Krishna, Lord Narayan Boy

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