Lord Hanuman Baby Names

94 Lord Hanuman Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 94 Lord Hanuman Baby names to name your baby on 2023.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Anjaneya Son of Anjani, Name of Hanuman Boy
Bhakthavatsala Protector of devotees Boy
Chaturbhuj Broad Shouldered, Strong, Lord Vishnu Boy
Chiranjeevi Long Life, Without Death, Immortal person Boy
Dheera Courageous, Name of God Hanuman, No Fear Boy
Hanumanta Puffy Cheeks, The monkey God of ramayana Boy
Mahabala Having immense strength, Great strength Boy
Mahatejas Most radiant Boy
Maruti Lord Hanuman Boy
Prabhava Origin, Birth Place, Effect, Popular Lord Boy
Pragnya Scholar, Lord Hanuman Boy
Shanta Peaceful, Daughter of King Dasarath Girl
Shoora Bold, A Name for Lord Hanuman, Valiant Boy
Surarchita Worshipped by celestials Boy
Vanara Monkey (Monkey Boy
Yogine Saint, A Name for Lord Hanuman Boy
Bajrangbali With strength of diamond, Lord Hanuman Boy
Chaturbahu Four armed Boy
Danta Calm, A Name for Lord Hanuman Boy
Dhruddavrat Strong willed meditator Boy
Deenabandhav Protector of the downtrodden Boy
Jaikapeesh Hail monkey God Boy
Kalanabha Black Navelled, Controller of time Boy
Kesarisut Son of Kesari, Boy
Kabalikrut Swallower of the Sun Boy
Kamaroopin Changing form at will Boy
Kapeeshwar Lord of monkeys Boy
Kanchanabha Golden hued body Boy
Kesarinandan Son of Kesari, Boy
Lokapujya Worshipped by the Universe, Lord Hanumaan Boy
Mahakaya Gigantic, Lord Hanuman Boy
Mahatman Supreme being Boy
Mahavira Son of Priyavrata, Most valiant Boy
Mahatapas Great meditator Boy
Mahadhyuta Most radiant Boy
Manojavaya Lord Hanuman, Speed like wind Boy
Marutatmaj Most Beloved Like Gems, Lord Hanuman Boy
Prabhave Popular Lord, Lord Hanuman, Effect Boy
Pavanputra Son of Wind, Bhim, Hanuman Boy
Pratapavat Known for valour Boy

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