Lord Ganesh Names

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Bhupati God of the Earth, King, Lord of earth Boys Name
Bhuvanpati God of the gods Boys Name
Dharmik Religious, A Name for Lord Ganesha Boys Name
Bheema Large, Mighty, Huge and Gigantic Boys Name
Gadadhara Wielder of the Mace Boys Name
Gajakarna Elephant Eared, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Gajanana One with elephant face Boys Name
Gajanand Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Gajavakra Trunk of the elephant Boys Name
Gajdant Elephant Teeth, Ganesha, Elephant teeth Boys Name
Gajpati Master of Elephant, Lord Ganesha Boys Name
Gajrup Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Gajvadan Name of Lord Ganesha, Name of Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Ganadhyakshina Leader of all the celestial bodies Boys Name
Ganapathi Lord Ganesha, Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Ganapati Lord of all ganas gods, Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Ganesh The Legend, Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Ganesha Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati Boys Name
Ganpat Lord Ganesha, Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Ganpati God, Lord Ganesh, Lord of all ganas gods Boys Name
Gaurik Lord Ganesha, Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Gaurinandan Son of Gauri, Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Gaurisuta Son of Gauri, Lord Ganesha Boys Name
Girijanandan Son of Girija, Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Gunina Lord of all virtues, Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Sarvadevatman Acceptor of all celestial offerings Boys Name
Sarvambh Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Sarvasiddhanta Bestowed of skills and wisdom Boys Name
Sarvatman Protector of the universe Boys Name
Saurjyesh Kartikeya, The Lord of valour Boys Name
Shiv Kumar Son of Lord Shiva (Ganesh Boys Name
Shiva Kumar Son of Lord Shiva (Ganesh Boys Name
Shivasunu Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Shoorpakarna Large eared Lord Boys Name
Shuban Arrival of Fortune, Name of Lord Ganesha Boys Name
Shubhagunakanan One who is the master of all virtues Boys Name
Siddhidhata Bestower of Success and Accomplishments Boys Name
Siddhivinayaka Bestower of Success, Lord Ganpathi Boys Name
Skand Spurting, Flowing, Lord Kartikeya Boys Name
Skandapurvaja Elder brother of Skand (Lord Kartik) Boys Name