Lord Ganesh Names

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Vishwamukha Master of the universe Boys Name
Vishwaraja King of the world Boys Name
Karhik Son of Lord Shiva and Leader of Deva Army Boys Name
Karthika A Star, Hindu Month, Son of Lord Shiva Boys Name
Kartikey Brother of Lord Ganesha Boys Name
Kaveesha Lord of Poets, Lord Ganesha, Lord of poets Boys Name
Kavish King of poets, Name of Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Veeraganapati Heroic Lord Boys Name
Ghanesh Lord Ganesh, Son of Lord Shiva Boys Name
Haridra Yellow, Turneric Boys Name
Heramb Lord Ganesha, Erudite Boys Name
Heramba Lord Ganesh, Boastful, Name of Ganapati Boys Name
Mahabala Having immense strength, Great strength Boys Name
Mahamati One with Big Brain, Ganesh Boys Name
Maheshwaram Lord of the universe Boys Name
Mangalamurti All auspicious Lord Boys Name
Manomay Conqueror of ones heart, Winner of hearts Boys Name
Muktidaya Bestower of Eternal Bliss Boys Name
Mundakarama Abode of happiness Boys Name
Musikvahana One who has mouse as charioteer Boys Name
Tarun Sun, Young, Youth, Tender, Love, Lord Ganesha Boys Name
Parin Another Name for Lord Ganesha Boys Name
Parvatinandan Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Pitambara The Yellow or Golden Dressed Boys Name
Purush Spirit, Person, Being, Man Boys Name
Shanmukh Another Name of Lord Muruga Boys Name
Shanmukha Kartikeya, First Son of Lord Shiva Boys Name
Shataneek Another name of Ganesh, Warrior Boys Name
Rakta One who has Red-colored Body Boys Name
Riddhish Name of Lord Ganesha, Lord Ganesh Boys Name
Rudraunsh Like Rudra, Lord Shiva Ganesh Hanuman Boys Name
Nadapratithishta One who appreciates and loves music Boys Name
Namasthetu Vanquisher of All Evils and Vices and Sins Boys Name
Nandana Daughter, Flower, Happiness, Goddess Durga Girls Name
Nideeshwaram Giver of wealth and treasures Boys Name
Yagnakaya Acceptor of All Sacred and Sacrficial Offerings Boys Name
Yashaskaram Bestower of Fame and Fortune Boys Name
Yashvasin Beloved and ever popular Lord Boys Name
Bhalchandra Moon-crested Lord, Moon crested Lord Boys Name
Yogadhipa The Lord of meditation Boys Name