Lord Buddha Baby Names

36 Lord Buddha Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 36 Lord Buddha Baby names to name your baby on 2023.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Amitav Limitless Lustre, Name of Lord Buddha Boy
Anami A name of Lord Buddha Boy
Buddha Awakened, Lord Buddha Boy
Buddhadeva Wise Person, Gautam Buddha, Gautama Buddha Boy
Chhandak The charioteer of Lord Buddha Boy
Gautam Lord Buddha Boy
Gautham Siddartha Boy
Gotam Lord Buddha, God Gifted Boy
Gowtham Name of Lord Buddha, A Strength Boy
Hemnath Gold or Lord Buddha, Early winter (1) Boy
Khajit Lord Buddha Boy
Munish With God, Lord Buddha, Chief of army Boy
Prabudha Awakened, Lord Buddha Boy
Saugata Other name of Gautama Buddha Boy
Shaakya Lord Buddha Boy
Siddarth Who Seek Enlightenment, Man God Boy
Siddartha Buddha, Lord Buddha Boy
Sugata A name of the Buddha Boy
Tathagat The Buddha, Title of the Buddha Boy
Tathagata The Buddha, Title of the Buddha Boy
Trigya Lord Buddha Boy
Trigyesh Lord Buddha, Trigya with Esh as Ishwar Boy
Trikay Lord Buddha Boy
Yog Concentration, Meditation, Lord Buddha Boy
Akkrum Lord Buddha Boy
Devarajalu King of the gods, Buddha Boy
Gaousik Lord Buddha Boy
Lokpradeep Gautam Budha, Gautam Buddha Boy
Padmayani Lord Brahama, Lord Buddha, Lord Brahma Boy
Sakyasinha Lord Buddha Boy
Siddhartha One who Seeks Enlightment Boy
Sugatanand Lord Buddha Boy
Shakyasinha Lord Buddha Boy
Tatharaj Buddha, Lord Buddha Boy
Vipaschit Lord Buddha Boy
Buddha Priya One liked by Buddha Boy

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