Lord Arjun Baby Names

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♂️ - Boy Name, ♀️ - Girl Name

Name Meaning Gender Like
♂️ Arjun Confidence and Power Boy 🖤
♂️ Dhananjay One who Wins Wealth, Lord Arjun Boy 🖤
♂️ Dhananjaya Fire, Warrior Arjuna, Partha Boy 🖤
♂️ Gudakesh Possessing thick beautiful hair Boy 🖤
♂️ Jishnu Triumphant, Arjuna Boy 🖤
Kiriti Crown given by Indra to Arjuna Unisex 🖤
♂️ Paarth Another Name of Arjuna, Arjun Boy 🖤
♂️ Parth Emperor of the World, King Boy 🖤
♂️ Parthapratim Like Arjuna, Like Arjun Boy 🖤
♂️ Parthipan Arjun Boy 🖤
♂️ Partho Arjun Boy 🖤
♂️ Prath Arjun Boy 🖤
♂️ Gudakesha The archer Arjuna Boy 🖤
♂️ Partha King, Arjun Boy 🖤
♂️ Parantapa Conqueror, Arjuna, Arjun Boy 🖤
♂️ Vijaya Victory, Victorious Boy 🖤
♂️ Anadh Arjun Boy 🖤
♂️ Vibhatsu Fought all the battle by fair means Boy 🖤
♂️ Kapidhwaja With the monkey banner as Hanuman Sat on his banner Boy 🖤
♂️ Phalguna Born when Falguni Nakshatra was in ascent Boy 🖤
♂️ Gandeevi The owner of gandeeva, His bow Boy 🖤
♂️ Savyashachee Ambidextrous while shooting Boy 🖤
♂️ Swetvahan Possessor of white horses given by Agni Dev Boy 🖤

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