Latin Baby Girl Names

1968 Latin Baby Girl names available with meaning. Browse all the 1968 Latin Baby Girl names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Latin Baby Girl Names | 1900+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Adabelle Noble Kind
Adela Nobility, Noble Kind, Softer
Adelina Noble Kind, Adornment, Nobility
Adria Dark, The Adriatic Sea Region, From Adria
Adriana Dark and Rich, Woman from Hadria
Adriane From Hadria, Dark
Adrianna Dark, Woman from Hadria, Dark One
Adrianne From Hadria, Dark
Adrielle Dark, The Adriatic Sea Region, From Adria
Adriene From Hadria, Dark
Adrienna Dark, The Adriatic Sea Region, From Adria
Adrienne Dark One
Adrina Dark, The Adriatic Sea Region, From Adria
Agustina Majestic, Grand, Born in August
Aimee Beloved, Amazing, Talented
Alaura Laurel, Form of Laura
Alberga Noble, White
Alda Rich, Old, Wise, Noble, Long Lived
Aldina Old, Prosperous, Small Winged One
Aleda Old, Prosperous, Small Winged One
Aleecia Nobility, Variant of Alice
Aleesha Noble, Nobility, Noble Sort
Aleria Eagle
Aleta Truthful One, Caring, Winged
Alethea Truth
Alexandrea Defender of Mankind
Alexandria Form of Alexander
Alexina Defender of Mankind, Helper
Alishia Nobility, Similar to Alice, Noble Sort
Alisia Noble Kind, Exalted, Noble Sort
Alita Small Winged One, Truthful, Nobel
Alivia Olive Branch, Symbol of Peace
Alix Defender of Mankind, Noble
Almeda Fields of Cottonwood, Ambitious
Almita For Few Time
Aloma Dove, Abbreviation of Paloma
Alvinia Female Version of Elvin, Noble Friend

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