Latin Baby names starting with 'S'

Latin Baby names starting with S - 151 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Latin Baby names starting with 'S' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Sabastian From Sebaste, Revered Boy
Sabella Boy/Girl
Sabina Catlike, Form of Sabine Girl
Sabine Rising Star Boy
Sabino A Sabine Boy
Sabreena Place Name Girl
Sabria From Cyprus Girl
Sabrina From the Border, Sword Like Girl
Sachin True, Pure, Existence, Lord Indra Boy
Saige Wise, Healthy Girl
Saleena Moon, Goddess of the Moon Girl
Salena The Moon Girl
Salva Wise Prayer Girl
Salvador Savior Boy
Salvadore Savior Boy
Salvator Savior Boy
Salvatore Savior Boy
Salvin King, Derived from the Word Salvino Boy
Salvina Whole, Healthy Girl
Salvino Savior, Diminutive of Salvador Boy
Samia Nice, One who can Hear, High-class Girl
Sancha Holy, Sacred Girl
Sanchez Boy/Girl
Sanchia Holy, Sacred Girl
Sancho Sacred, Sabine, Holy Boy
Sancia Holy, Sacred Girl
Santiago Saint James, Supplanter, Saint Iago Boy
Santos A Saint, Holy, The New House, Form of Santo Boy
Savina Ruler of All, Queen of All, Total Monarch Girl
Scholastica Scholar Girl
Scipio Boy/Girl
Scott From Scotland, A Scotsman, From Boy
Seamus Supplanter, He who Supplants, Heaney Boy
Sebastian Man from Sebaste Boy
Sebastiane From Sebastia Girl
Sebastiano Revered Boy
Sebastiao Boy/Girl
Sebastien Revered, Venerable, From Sebastia Boy
Sebestyen Boy/Girl
Sebo (an Ancient City), From Sebastia Boy

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