Latin Baby names starting with 'O'

Latin Baby names starting with O - 70 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Latin Baby names starting with 'O' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Octavia Sometimes Given to the Eighth-born Child Girl
Octavio Eighth Child Boy
Octavius Eighth Born Boy
Odessa The Odyssey, Wrathful, Long Voyage Girl
Oenone Lover of Paris Girl
Ofelia To Help, Aid Girl
Oleda Winged, Noble, Small Winged One Girl
Oleta Winged, Verity, Truth, Small Winged One Girl
Olinda Defender of the Land, Scented, Protector Girl
Oliver Olive Tree, Elf Army Boy
Olivette Olive Tree Girl
Olivia Olive Tree, Elf Army Girl
Olivie Peace of a Tree Girl
Olivier From the Olive Tree Boy
Oliviero An Olive Tree Boy
Ollie Olive Tree, Form of Oliver, An Olive Boy
Olliver Peaceful, An Olive Tree Boy
Olva Olive Tree Girl
Olvan Peaceful Boy
Omero Security, Pledge Boy
Ondina Little Wave Girl
Onofrio Peace Boy
Onora Boy/Girl
Orabel Beautiful Seacoast, Light, Golden Girl
Orabella Golden Beautiful, Prayer Girl
Orabelle Beautiful Seacoast, Prayerful, Gold, Breeze Girl
Orah Light, Lord is My Light Girl
Oralie Golden, Variant Aurelia Girl
Orania Rising Girl
Orazio Timekeeper, Has Good Eyesight Boy
Orban City-dweller, Educated Man Boy
Ordell Beginning Boy
Orelia Golden Girl
Orella Divine Message Girl
Oria Dawning, From the Mountain Girl
Oriana Golden One, Dawning, Sun Ray, Shining Light Girl
Oriane Rising, Dawning, Golden Girl
Orianna Golden, Dawning Girl
oriella Golden Girl
Orla Golden Princess Girl

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