Latin Baby names starting with 'M'

Latin Baby names starting with M - 338 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Latin Baby names starting with 'M' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Maartje Boy/Girl
Mabel Lovable Girl
Mabella Lovable, Diminutive of Amabel, Beloved Girl
Mabelle Lovable, Diminutive of Amabel, Beloved Girl
Mabile Rules Girl
Mable Lovable, Diminutive of Amabel Girl
Macaire Blessed Boy
Mace A Medieval Weapon Used by Knights to Break Armor Boy
Macella Girl
Madge Pearl, Form of Margaret, Child of Light Girl
Madonna My Lady Girl
Madra Mother, Form of Madonna Girl
Maelle Goal-oriented, Ambitious Girl
Maeve Intoxicating, A Purple Flower Girl
Maggie Child of Light, Pearl, Flower Name Girl
Maggy Abbreviation of Margaret, Pearl Girl
Magnilda Strong in Warfare, Strong Battle Maiden Girl
Magnus Great, Large Boy
Maia May, Source of the Month May Girl
Maire Irish Form of Mary, The Perfect One Girl
Mairghread Pearl Girl
Maisie Pearl, Scottish Form of Margaret Girl
Maiya Mother, Little girl Girl
Major Greater, Senior, An Office in the Army Boy
Maks Greatest Boy
Maksim Greatest Boy
Maksym Greatest Boy
Maksymilian Greatest Boy
Malcolm Devotee of Saint Columba, A Dove Boy
Malina Tower, Dark, Name of a River, Honey Girl
Malinda Blend of Melissa and Linda, Gentle One Girl
Mallorey Unhappy, Unlucky Girl
Mallorie Unlucky, Army Counselor Girl
Mallory Unfortunate, Unlucky, Unhappy Girl
Mally Honey, Sweet Girl
Malory Girl
Malvina Handmaiden, Chieftain, Smooth Brow, Sweet Girl
Malynda Honey Girl
Mandalyn Lovable, Abbreviation of Amanda Girl
Mandi Adorable, Lovable, She who Must be Loved Girl

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