Latin Baby names starting with 'L'

Latin Baby names starting with L - 337 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Latin Baby names starting with 'L' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Lacee Derived from Lacey which is a French Nobleman's Surname Brought to British Isles After Norman Conquest Girl
Laci Cheerful Girl
Lacie Cheerful Girl
Laetitia Joy, Gladness, Happy Girl
Lagina Boy/Girl
Lalo Wealthy Defender, Guardian of Prosperity Boy
Lamar Close to the Sea Boy
Lamarr The Water, Of the Sea, Famous Land Boy
Lamberto Land Brilliant Boy
Lara Famous, Well-known, Cheerful, Light Hearted Girl
Larah Cheerful Girl
Laraine Sorrowful, From Lothair's Kingdom Girl
Lareen Laurel Tree, Sweet Bay Tree Girl
laren Laurel Tree, Sweet Bay Tree Girl
Larena From Lorraine, The Queen, Serves Lawrence Girl
Laretta Laurel Tree, Sweet Bay Tree Girl
Larina Affection, Soul, Sea Gull, Protection, Girl
Larinda Laurel Tree, Sweet Bay Tree Girl
Larissa Cheerful Girl
Larita Sea Gull, Protection Girl
Larkin Crowned with Laurel Girl
Larry Crowned with Laurels, Form of Lawrence Boy
Lasca Army or Soldier Girl
Latanya Boy/Girl
Latasha Combination of the Popular Prefix La with the Name Tasha Girl
Laticia Joyful, Happy Girl
Latisha Joyful, Happy Girl
Latona Mother of Apollo and Diana Girl
Latonya Praised Woman, Praiseworthy Girl
Latoya Victorious One, Derived from Victoria Girl
Latricia Noble, Aristocrat Girl
Laur Loving Boy
Lauraine The Laurel Tree Boy
Laural Laurel Tree Girl
Lauralee Laurel Tree Girl
Lauralyn Combination of Laura and Lyn Girl
Lauran Laurel Girl
Laure Laurel Girl
Laureano From the Place of Laurel Trees Boy
Laureen Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and Victory Girl

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