Latin Baby names starting with 'H'

Latin Baby names starting with H - 40 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Latin Baby names starting with 'H' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Hadrian Place Name Boy
Hania Grace, Favour, Apricot from Nara, Grain Girl
Hanka Grace, Favour, Apricot from Nara, Grain Girl
Hannibal The Grace of the God, Baal, Grace Boy
Harmonee A State of Order or Agreement, Unity Girl
Hector Steadfast, Anchor, Holds Fast, Star Boy
Helen Torch, Sun Ray, Shining Light, Wicker, Reed Girl
Helena Light, Torch, Sun Ray, Corposant, Bright One Girl
Hera Queen of Gods, Protector, Diamond Girl
Hercules Glorious Gift Boy
Herminia Messenger, Female Version of Herman Girl
hespera Daughter of Cebren, Evening Star Girl
Hilaire French Form of Hilary Joyful, Glad Girl
Hilaria Happy, Cheerful, Joyful Girl
Hilario Happy, Cheerful, Joyful Boy
Hilarius Happy, Cheerful, Joyful Boy
Hilary Merry, Happy, Cheerful, Joyful Girl
Hillary Cheerful, Merry, Happy, Form of Hilary Girl
Honora Woman of Honour Girl
Honorata Woman of Honor, Honored Girl
Honoria Woman of Honor, Honor Girl
Honorine Woman of Honor, Honorable Girl
Honorius Honored One Boy
Horace Time Keeper, Hour, Time, Season, Third Boy
Horacio Timekeeper, Has Good Eyesight Boy
Horatia Female Version of Horace Girl
Horatio Time-keeper Boy
Horatius A Hero who Saved Rome, Timekeeper Boy
Horaz Timekeeper Boy
Hortense Gardener, Variant of Hortensia Girl
Hubertus Bright Mind, Intelligent Boy
Hugo Bright Mind, Mind, Spirit, Form of Hugh Boy
Humberto Intelligent, Bright, Famous Giant Boy
Hebe Prime of Life, Youth Girl
Honour Integrity, A Virtue Name, Woman of Honour Girl
Henocus Boy
Honor Honor, Esteem, Integrity, Dignity Girl
Harmony A State of Order or Agreement Girl
Harmonie A State of Order or Agreement, Unity Girl
Hortensia Derived from the Feminine Form of the Roman Clan Name Hortensius Girl

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