Latin Baby names starting with 'C'

Latin Baby names starting with C - 337 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Cadena With Rhythm Girl
Caesar Form of Cesar, Long Haired, Hairy, Hirsute Boy
Caetano Boy/Girl
Cai To Rejoice, Sea, Rejoiced, Chicken, Hen, Lord Boy
Caieta Nursed Aeneas Girl
Caio Joy, Happy, To Rejoice Boy
Caius Happy, Rejoice, Lord Boy
Cajetan Rejoiced Boy
Cal Courageous, Adorable, Well Known, Awesome Boy
Calida Warm and Loving, Most Beautiful Girl
Callixtus Chalice, Most Beautiful Boy
Callum Dove, Similar to Malcolm Boy
Calum Dove Boy
Calvert Cowherd, Cowboy, Occupational Name Boy
Calvin Bald One Boy
Calvina Hairless, Female Version of Calvino Bald Girl
Calvino Bald, Hairless Boy
Camella Derived from the Flower Name Camelie Girl
Camila Free-born, Noble, Similar to Camilla Girl
Camile Free-born, Noble, Similar to Camilla Girl
Camilla Young Ceremonial Attendant Girl
Camille Swiftness of Foot, Attendant of Temple Girl
Camillo Free-born Child, Noble Boy
Camillus Priest's Assistant, Temple Servant Boy
Camilo Ceremonial, Attendant Boy
Cammi Attendant at Religious Service, Free-born Girl
Cammie Virginal, Unblemished Girl
Cammy Young Girls who Assisted at Pagan Religious Ceremonies Girl
Candace Boy/Girl
Candelaria Candle Girl
Candi Clarity, Whiteness, Form of Candace Girl
Candice Pure, Glowing, Form of Candace, Candy, Sweet Girl
Candis Pure, White, Glowing, Prince of Servants Girl
Candra Luminescent, Moon Boy
Cara Beloved, Friend, Dear One, Precious Jewel Girl
Caraline Pure, Little and Womanly Girl
Caralyne Carl, Feminine Diminutive Form of Charles Girl
Caressa Tender Touch, Beloved Girl
Caresse Endearing, Tender Touch Girl
Cari Beloved, Man, Pure, Abbreviation of Caridad Girl

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