Korean Baby Names

44 Korean Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 44 Korean Baby names to name your baby on 2023.



Name Meaning Gender Like
Areum Boy/Girl
Chul Boy/Girl
Dae Girl
Eun Boy/Girl
Gyeong Boy/Girl
Haneul Boy/Girl
Ho Diamond Boy
Hoon Boy/Girl
Hye Gracefulness, Wisdom, Intelligence Girl
Hyeon Boy/Girl
Hyuk Boy/Girl
Hyun Boy/Girl
Iseul Boy/Girl
Jae Victory Boy
Jeong Boy/Girl
Jong Boy/Girl
Joon Boy/Girl
Jung Boy/Girl
Kwan Boy/Girl
Kwang Boy/Girl
Kyung Boy/Girl
Myeong Boy/Girl
Myung Boy/Girl
Nari Deed, Woman Girl
Seok Boy/Girl
Seong Boy/Girl
Seung Boy/Girl
Suk Boy/Girl
Sun Bending, Decreasing, The Sun Boy
Sung Boy/Girl
Wook Boy/Girl
Yeong Boy/Girl
Young Brave Boy
Bora Snow, Excellent, Brave, Hurricane, Foreign Boy
Daeshim Great Mind Boy
Gun Warrior Boy
Ki Power, Achiever Girl
Gi Flower Girl
Hae Girl
Jin Gold, Tender, Precious, Bright, Ferry Girl

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