Jewish Baby Names

98 Jewish Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 98 Jewish Baby names to name your baby on 2023.



Name Meaning Gender Like
Aharon Lofty, Exalted, High Mountain, Biblically Boy
Alon Fair, Handsome Boy
Amichai My People are Alive Boy
Amnon Faithful and True, Tutor Boy
Aryeh Lion of God, Army Officer, Lion Boy
Asher Blessed, Fortunate, Lucky, Happy, Felicitous Boy
Avital Father of Dew Girl
Avram Original Name of the Father of the People Boy
Barak Thunder, In Vain, Soldier, Lightening Boy
Benyamin Jacob's Youngest Son Boy
Boaz In Strength, Swiftness Boy
Bracha Blessing Girl
Carmela Garden, Form of Carmel, A Vineyard Girl
Chai Life, Victory, Triumph Boy
Chaim Life, Crooked Boy
Dalia A Branch, To Draw Water, Flower Name, Bough Girl
Dan God is My Judge, Form of Daniel Boy
Dana God is My Judge, A Dane, Judge, Arbiter Girl
Daniel God is My Judge, My Judge is the Lord Boy
Daniella God is My Judge, Female Version of Daniel Girl
David Beloved One Boy
Deena Divine, God Like, Jacob's Daughter Girl
Devorah A Bee, Prophetess, Form of Deborah Girl
Doran Exiled, Stranger, Fist, Gift Boy
Dror Freedom, Bird, Swallow Boy
Dvir Holy Place in the Temple Boy
Eden Delightful, Adornment, Paradise, Pleasure Girl
Efrat Honoured Girl
Eliana My God has Answered Me Girl
Elisheva The Lord is My Pledge, Aaron's Wife Girl
Ezra Salvation, Helper Boy
Gavriel God's Messenger that Visited Daniel Boy
Gavriella God is My Strength, God's Able-bodied One Girl
Gidon Warrior-hero, Tree Cutter, Feller, Hewer Boy
Gil French Form of Julius, Shining Pledge Boy
Guy Guide, Staff of the God, Warrior, Wood Boy
Hannah Gracious, Grace, Grace of God, Favour Girl
Hillel Greatly Praised, Father of Judge Avdon Boy
Ilana Sunshine, Tree Girl
Lior I have Light Boy

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