Cute Jain Baby Names

Page 5 444 Jain Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 444 Jain Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Nilesh Lord Shiva / Krishna Boys Name
Nimesh Momentary, Love, Inside Viewer Boys Name
Nirmal Kindness, Clean, Pure, Talent Person Boys Name
Nishal God Shiva, Lord Shiva, No End, Earth King Boys Name
Nishil Night Boys Name
Nitesh Master of Love, Master of the Right Path Boys Name
Nandish Lord of Pleasure, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Nirbhay Fearless Boys Name
Nishant Ending of Darkness, End of Night, No Mark Boys Name
Nishith Midnight, Night, Sharp, Invigorated Boys Name
Nagendra Alert, Seshnag, Snake Boys Name
Neminath Jain's Tirthankar, God Name Boys Name
Parag Pollen Grains, Sweet Smell, Pollen grains Boys Name
Param The Best, Being Supreme, Primary, Perfect Boys Name
Parth Emperor of the World, King, Bright, Silver Boys Name
Preet Love Boys Name
Purav East, Chanting Voice from East at Sunrise Boys Name
Pallav Young Shoots and Leaves, New Leave Boys Name
Parash Touch, Gold Boys Name
Pathik A Traveller, A traveler Boys Name
Piyush Our Nectar, Milk, Amrat, Nectar, Amrit Boys Name
Pranal Waterway, God Boys Name
Pranav King, Intelligent, The Sacred Syllable Om Boys Name
Pranay Innocent Love, Romance, Love, Marriage Boys Name
Pratik Shadow, Symbol, God Boys Name
Prerak Encouraging, Inspire Others, Air screw Boys Name
Pritam Lover, Beloved, Lord Krishna Boys Name
Prabhav Effect, Popular Lord, Lord Hanuman Boys Name
Pradyot Ray of light, Luster, Lustre Boys Name
Prajesh Leader of Men, God of Creator, Lord Brahma Boys Name
Pranjal Holy Water, Delightful, Simple, Lucky Boys Name
Pratham First, Lord Ganesh, 1st in All Fields Boys Name
Pritesh Lord of Love, God, Lord Krishna Boys Name
Pushpam Lotus Eyed, Flower Boys Name
Pradumna Son of Lord Krishna Boys Name
Pragnesh Very Wise, Intelligent Boys Name
Prashant Calm and composed, Peace Boys Name
Prasenjit A King in the Epics Boys Name
Rahi Traveller, Traveler Boys Name
Ritul Truth seeking, Talented Boys Name