Cute Jain Baby Names

Page 4 444 Jain Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 444 Jain Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Kunjan Embroidery, Forest girl Boys Name
Kuntal Hair, Rice, Winner Boys Name
Kushal Clever, Skillful, Expert, Clever Lord Rama Boys Name
Kashyap Saint, Name of a Sage, Son of Brahma Boys Name
Kaushal Clever, Skilled Boys Name
Khanjan Cleft, Dimple of cheeks Boys Name
Kaustubh Sweet Odour Stone, A Jewel of Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Krutarth Obliged Boys Name
Kumarpal A Jain King of Medieval Gujarat Boys Name
Kulbhushan Ornament of family Boys Name
Lalit Attractive, Lord of Krishna, Beautiful Boys Name
Lokesh God, King of World, Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma Boys Name
Malav Happy, One of the Ragas, Ansh of Laxmi Boys Name
Malay A Mountain of Sandalwood's Tree Located Near Mysore Boys Name
Manak Good soul Boys Name
Manav Human, Man, Same as Manav, Gold Boys Name
Mihir The Sun, Sunny Boys Name
Mitul Equal to Friend, Like a Friend, Limited Boys Name
Mandar A Mountain, A Flower, A Celestial Tree Boys Name
Mangal Auspicious, Well Being Boys Name
Maulik Precious, Valuable Boys Name
Meghal River ganges Boys Name
Milind Honey Bee, A Black Bee, Honey bee Boys Name
Mrunal Lotus stack Boys Name
Munjal King of Water, King of gujarat Boys Name
Mahavir Most Courageous Among Men, A Jain Prophet Boys Name
Manthan Deep Contemplation Boys Name
Mokshit Who Gain Moksha, Salvation Boys Name
Mrugesh Lion, Fish Boys Name
Munindra Best among saints Boys Name
Neel Blue, Lord Shiva, Sky, Cloud, Champion Boys Name
Naman Salutation, Respect, Namaste, Bowing Boys Name
Nandi One who Pleases Others, The Bull of Shiva Boys Name
Nehal The One who is Gratified, Neh means Love Boys Name
Niket Home, Lord of all Boys Name
Nilay Heaven, Home, No Half, A house, A habitation Boys Name
Nirav Without Sound, Quiet, Without sound, Silent Boys Name
Nakesh The Moon, Feature, Moon Boys Name
Nikhil Whole, Complete, Entire, Good Manner Boys Name
Nikunj Bower, Birds Nest, Garden, A bower Boys Name