Cute Jain Baby Names

Page 2 444 Jain Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 444 Jain Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Bhuvanendra King Boys Name
Chetak Rana prataps horse, Thoughtful Boys Name
Chetan Perceptive, Consciousness, Life Boys Name
Chirag Lamp, Allaudins Lamps Boys Name
Chaitan Consciousness, Perception, Intelligence Boys Name
Chaitya Pertaining to the Mind, Individual Soul Boys Name
Chinmay Full of Knowledge, Blissful, Pride Boys Name
Chintan Thought, Meditation Boys Name
Chirayu Long Life, Immortal, Long-lived person Boys Name
Chitrang With Multi-coloured Body Boys Name
Darsh Sight, Handsome, Lord Krishna Boys Name
Deval Temple, Name of a Saint, Sage Narada Boys Name
Dhyey Target, Mission, Aim Boys Name
Dipen Lord of the Lamp, Lord of Light Boys Name
Devang Part of God's Body, Part of God, Divine Boys Name
Devesh Kind, Name of Jesus, God of Gods Boys Name
Dhaval Fair Complexioned, White Colour Boys Name
Dhiren One who is Strong, Honest Powerful, Brave Boys Name
Digant Horizon Boys Name
Dilesh Strength Boys Name
Dipesh Light, Lord of Light, Sun, Lord of light Boys Name
Darshil Lord Krishna, Beautiful Looking, Rose Boys Name
Darshit Reflection, Seen, Display, Signs Boys Name
Dhanesh Lord of wealth Boys Name
Dhanpal Preserver of wealth Boys Name
Dhimant Wise, Intelligent Boys Name
Dhruvil Patient Boys Name
Dhvanil The sound from heaven Boys Name
Divyesh The Lamp of Sun, Sun, The Sun Boys Name
Dakshesh Lord Shiva Boys Name
Devendra King of gods, Lord Indra Boys Name
Dharmesh Master of Religion, Lord of Religion Boys Name
Dharmendra God of Religion, King of religion Boys Name
Fenil Name of French Flower, Foamy Boys Name
Falgun Month in the Hindu Calendar, Arjun Boys Name
Gitesh Lord of Geet, Lord of Bhagavat Gita Boys Name
Goutam Lord Buddha Boys Name
Gunesh Lord of Virtues Boys Name
Gunjan Hum, Buzzing of a Bee, Buzzing of a bee Boys Name
Gandhar Fragrance Boys Name