Cute Italian Baby Names

Page 5 1004 Italian Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 1004 Italian Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Sandra Form of Alexander Girls Name
Serena Joy, Quiet, Calm, Peaceful, Sunlight Girls Name
Silvia Forest, From the Forest, Woodland, Maid Girls Name
Simona Listen, Snub-nosed, Heard Girls Name
Sophia Wisdom, Form of Sophie, Skill, Graceful Girls Name
Sabrina From the Border, Sword Like Girls Name
Taya Form of Tea, Taylor, Valley Field Girls Name
Vaira Flowing Air Girls Name
Vensi Gift of God, Periodic Girls Name
Vanessa Genus of Butterfly, Star, Coined from Girls Name
Vivanti Girls Name
Victoria Victorious, Conqueror, Victory, Conquer Girls Name
Yolanda Violet Flower Girls Name
Zoe Life, Light of Life, Brave, Sliver Moon Girls Name
Zita Theresa, Harvest, Seeker, Virgin Girls Name
Zenobia Given Life by Zeus, Power of Zeus Girls Name
Itri Boys Name
Richard Brave One, Strong Ruler Boys Name
Toma Twin, Palm Tree Boys Name
Ambra Jewel, Amber Girls Name
Dalia A Branch, To Draw Water, Flower Name, Bough Girls Name
Ellena Light, Most Beautiful Woman Girls Name
Gabriella God Gives Strength, Heroine of God Girls Name
Jena White Wave, Little Bird, Paradise, Fair Girls Name
Lilian Blend of Lily, Lily Flower and Ann Girls Name
Magda High Tower, Maiden Girls Name
Minna Form of Willamina, Will, Desire, Helmet Girls Name
Mariyah Purity, To Desire, Sea of Bitterness Girls Name
Martina Dedicated to God Mars, Lady Girls Name
Rolla Girls Name
Romana Citizen of Rome, Woman from Rome Girls Name
Savia Beautiful, Nice Girls Name
Vione Girls Name
Xeres Nice and Caring Girls Name
Zabrina Fruitful Desert Flower, Of Noble Birth Girls Name
Abbo Boys Name
Aldo Old, Wise, Archaic, Noble Boys Name
Arlo Fortified Hill, Hill, From the Army Hill Boys Name
Alonzo Eager for Battle, Ready for a Fight Boys Name
Alberto High-born, Brilliant, Nobly Famous Boys Name