Cute Italian Baby Names

Page 4 1004 Italian Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 1004 Italian Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Loretta Crowned with Laurels, Small Sage One Girls Name
Mia Beauty, Mine, Beloved, Always Smiling Girls Name
Mena Wife of the Himalayas, Female Parrot, Love Girls Name
Mimi I am, Pet Name for Marilyn or Miriam Girls Name
misa Like a God Girls Name
Mona Solitary, Adviser, Nun, Wish, Desire Girls Name
Maria Pleasure of Joy, Bitter, Sea of Bitterness Girls Name
Marta Mistress, Mistress of the House or Lady Girls Name
Marya Mark, Limit, Beloved Girls Name
Melba Soft or Slender, Mill Stream Girls Name
Myria Prosperous, Great, Famous, Astonishing Girls Name
Marcia Warlike, From the God Mars Girls Name
Marisa Combination of Maria and Luisa Girls Name
Monica Adviser, Solitary, Alone, Unique Girls Name
Morena Little Mary Girls Name
Matilde Strength for Battle, Form of Matilda Girls Name
Melissa A Bee, Honey Bee Girls Name
Monalisa Noble, The Beauty Girls Name
Nevali A Flower Used for Making Garlands Girls Name
Natalie Born on Christmas, Christ's Birthday Girls Name
Olivia Olive Tree, Elf Army Girls Name
Ophelia Helper, Serpentine, Profit, Aid Girls Name
Paula Small, Humble, String, Little Girls Name
Prada Light, Glow, Shine Girls Name
Pamela Honeyed Sweetness, New Leaves, All Honey Girls Name
Penelope A Penelope, Wife of Odysseys Girls Name
Quorra Heart Girls Name
rea Poppy, Earth, In Greek Myth Girls Name
Rosa Rose, Little Rose, Flower Name, Truthful Girls Name
Ruth Companion, Friend, Compassionate Friend Girls Name
Raini Cheerful, Beautiful and Happy, Carefree Girls Name
Richa Chants, Hymn, The Writing of the Vedas Girls Name
Regina Queen, Purple Flower Girls Name
Rosella Pretty Rose Girls Name
Rosalinda Beautiful Rose Girls Name
Rosemarie Combination of Rose and Mary Girls Name
Sarah Princess, Lady, Woman of High Rank, Pure Girls Name
Sofia Knowledge, Wisdom, Will Girls Name
Sonia Beautiful, Pretty, Wise, Wisdom Girls Name
Sabina Catlike, Form of Sabine Girls Name

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