Islamic/Muslim Baby names starting with C

Islamic/Muslim Baby names starting with C - 46 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Islamic/Muslim Baby names starting with C - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Caitlyn Pure, Form of Catherine, Pure Beauty Girl
Cala Talent, Ever Moving Boy
Calama Beauty, Pen Girl
Caliana A Moorish Princess for whom a Splendid Palace was Built in Spain Girl
Calista Beauty of Jannha Boy
Cantara Small Bridge Girl
Cassem Boy
Cemal Perfection, Beauty Boy
Chadia Gracious Girl
Chaesha Bright, Beautiful Girl
Chafia Look After Girl
Chafik Sympathizing Boy
Chafika To Tend Girl
Chahat Desire, Wish, Love, Affection Boy
Chahid Witness Boy
Chahra Notoriety Girl
Chahrazad Sensitive Girl
Chaka A Lark Girl
Chaker Thanking Boy
Chakira Grateful Girl
Chakori Alert, A Bird Enamoured of the Moon Girl
Chalipa A Flower Girl
Chamis Sun Girl
Chan Nickname for John, Light, Beloved, At Peace Boy
Chana Favored, Grave, Graceful Girl
Chand Moon, Shining Moon, The Moon, To shine Boy
Chanda God's Compassion, Fierce, Passionate Boy
Chandani Star, A River, Moonlight, Silver, Moon Light Girl
Chandni Moonlight, Star, Humble, Light, A river Girl
Changez Firm, Solid Boy
Charagh Light, Lamp Boy
Chargul Jewellery for the Nose Boy
Chawki Pleasant Boy
Cheherazad Funny Boy
Chessy Peaceful Boy
Chishti Famous Saint whose Dargah is at Ajmer Boy
Chunna Paint Girl
Codei Rockstar Boy
Cyra Beautiful, Moon, Like the Sun Girl
Cyrus Like the Sun, First King of Iran Boy

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