Cute Islamic/Muslim Baby Names

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Aatish Fireworks, Explosive, Dynamic Person Boys Name
Abedin Worshippers Boys Name
Abidin Worshippers, Adorers Boys Name
Abrash Spotted, Speckled Boys Name
Adrish Lord of Mountain, Mirror Boys Name
Aftaab The Sun Boys Name
Ajamil A Mythological King Boys Name
Akaram Most Generous, Excellent Boys Name
Akhtar A Star, Good Man, Good Luck Boys Name
Akshan Eye Boys Name
Alazae Boys Name
Anahid Immaculate Boys Name
Aneesh Supreme, Friendly, Good Company Boys Name
Anouar Shining Boys Name
Anoush Eternal, Everlasting, Beautiful morning Boys Name
Antony Priceless, Highly Praiseworthy Boys Name
Arbaaz Eagle Boys Name
Arhaan King, Winner, Angel, Ruler Boys Name
arkaan Principles Boys Name
Armaan Wish, Longing, Soldier, Famous Bearer Boys Name
Arshad Pious, Honest, Obedient, Head of a Group Boys Name
Arshan Righteous, Brave Boys Name
Arshia Throne, Heavenly Boys Name
Asadel Successful, Most Prosperous One Boys Name
Asheem Limitless shank, Boundless, Protector Boys Name
Ashfaq Noble Prince, Kindness, Compassion Boys Name
Ashkan Name of the 3rd Dynasty of Persian Kings Boys Name
Ashraf Cultured, Without Grief, More Honourable Boys Name
Aurang A Throne, Wisdom, Understanding, Beauty Boys Name
Azhaar Flowers, Blossoms, Plural of Zahra Boys Name
Azzaam Determined, Resolved Boys Name
Aafreen Encouragement, Sun Boys Name
Abubakr The Companion of Prophet Mohammed Boys Name
Alamgir The Lord of the Whole World Boys Name
Alhasan The Handsome, The Good Boys Name
Alykhan Spirit from Heaven, Lovely Boys Name
Anjuman A Token, A Symbol, Gathering, Society Boys Name
Arsalan Lion, King of Jungle, Brave Man, Tiger Boys Name
Ashabul Love Boys Name
Alhusain The Good, Name of the Prophets Grandson Boys Name