Cute Islamic/Muslim Baby Names

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Anjum Name of a Star, A Token, Stars Boys Name
Ansar Friend, Patron, Supporter, Helper Boys Name
Anwar Devotee of God, Lustrous, Shiny, Brightest Boys Name
Aquil Wise Boys Name
Arash A Hero, A Hero in Persian Folklore Boys Name
Arbad Masters, Lords Boys Name
Areen Full of Joy, Sun God, Name of Lord Rama Boys Name
Arfan Intelligent, Gratitude Boys Name
Arham Rhe Word is Just Like Om for Jain Community Boys Name
Arhum Forgiving Boys Name
Arman Expectations, Wish, Ideal, Hope, Aspiration Boys Name
Arnab Sea, Ocean Boys Name
Arshi First Ray of Sun, Heavenly, Rice, Queen Boys Name
Arzan Worth, Worth Live Boys Name
Aseem Longer, Boundless, Limitless Asim, Defender Boys Name
Asgar Devotee, Devoted to Lord Boys Name
Ashar Noble One of God Boys Name
Ashim Endless, Limitless Boys Name
Ashiq Lover, Variant of Aashiq, Sweetheart Boys Name
Asjid One who Prays to God Boys Name
Aslam Greeting, Safer, Freer, One who Salutes Boys Name
Asraf Without Grief Boys Name
Aswad Islamic Name, Black Stone in Moka, Black Boys Name
Atash Fire Boys Name
Ateet Past Boys Name
Athil Firmly Rooted Boys Name
Aweer Excellent Boys Name
Awwal Slave of the First One Boys Name
Ayaan First Ray of the Sun, Nature, Temperament Boys Name
Ayaaz Respected and Enduring Boys Name
Ayman Lucky, Righteous, He who is on the Right Boys Name
Ayoob A Prophet's Name, A Biblical Prophet Boys Name
Ayyub One who Asks for Forgiveness Boys Name
Azeem Defender, Greater, Name of God, Grand, Lofty Boys Name
Azeez Friend, Dear, Beloved, Respected, Precious Boys Name
Azhar Famous, Luminous, Brilliant Boys Name
Azzam The Lord, Almighty, Determined, Resolved Boys Name
Aaftab The Sun Boys Name
Aashiq Adorer, Suitor, Lover Boys Name
Aashir Living, Wealthy (in Hebrew) Boys Name