Cute Islamic/Muslim Baby Names

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Yasine Boy/Girl
Yasirah Get Everything Boys Name
Yassin Boys Name
Yassine Boy/Girl
Yassir Modesty Boys Name
Yesenia A Name of a Tribe in Africa, Flower Girls Name
Yessenia Flower Girls Name
Yossef Boy/Girl
Yusef God will Add / Multiply Boys Name
Yusu Boys Name
Zabian Boy/Girl
Zabien Boy/Girl
Zada Fortunate, Prosperous Boys Name
Zafir Victorious Boys Name
Zaheer Supporter, Ally Boys Name
Zahier Boy/Girl
Zahirah Shining, Brilliant, Luminous, Obvious Girls Name
Zahire Boy/Girl
Zahiya Beautiful, Bright Face Girls Name
Zahiyah Boy/Girl
Zaim Leader Boys Name
Zakiyyah Sharp, Intellectual, Pure, Pious Girls Name
Zarah Coming of Dawn, Form of Sarah, Princess Girls Name
Zariah Princess, Shining, Radiance, Flower Blossom Girls Name
Zarifa Graceful, Moves with Grace Girls Name
Zayda Fortunate, Prosperous Boys Name
Zayna Be Himself and Respect God Boys Name
Zaynah Beautiful Girls Name
Zea Grain Girls Name
Zeah Boy/Girl
Zenith Peak, Computer Boys Name
Ziah Boy/Girl
Ziya Splendour, Plendour, Light, Glow Boys Name
Zohra Blooming, Jupiter Boys Name
Zoraida Boy/Girl
Zubaidah Excellent Girls Name
Zueinah Lucky Boys Name
Zya Boy/Girl
Zyah Boy/Girl