Irish Baby Girl Names

646 Irish Baby Girl names available with name meaning. Browse all 646 Irish Baby Girl names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Like
Aden Fire
Adria Dark, The Adriatic Sea Region, From Adria
Aideen Little Fire, Face
Aileen Light, Fair Haired Beauty, Bird
Aileene Hazelnut, Little Bird, Desired, Life Giving
Aili Noble Estate, Noble, Light, Truthful
Ailia Light
Ailidh Kind, Noble
Ailis Noble, Kind, Pledge from God
Ailise Noble, Pledge from God
Ailish God's Oath, Noble, Kind, Of the Noble Sort
Aislin Vision
Alana Bringer of Hope, Admirable
Alena Dear Child, Torch, Goddess Durga
Alina Fair, Noble, Light, Beautiful
Allana Dear Child
Alline Noble, Nobility, Light, Variant of Helen
Allsun Noble, Kind, Honest
Alona Light, Dear Child, Oak Tree
Alyson Truthful, Noble, Nobility, Honest
Andrea Manly, A Man's Woman, Beautiful and Dared
Angela Heavenly Messenger, Angel
Ann Gracious, Form of Anna
Annabel From Anna and Bella
Anne Grace, Favour, God is Gracious
Aoife Life, Beautiful, Radiant
Ardeen Warm, Great Forest
Arlana Pledge, Oath
Arleen Oath, A Pledge
Arlena Pledge, Variant of Carlene and Charlene
Arlene Pledge, Oath
Arlette A Medieval Given Name, Oath
Arline Pledge, Oath, Man, Rocky Meadow
Arliss High Fort, A Place Name
Asa Healer, Like, Similar to, Doctor
Ashlin Meadow of Ash Trees, Dream, Petal
Ashlynn Ash Tree Lake / Pool
Attracta Name of a Saint
Aveleen Goddess of Wisdom and War
Aveline Hazelnut

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