Irish Baby Names

1581 Irish Baby Names Available With Name Meaning. Browse All 1581 Irish Baby Names And Choose The Perfect Name For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Aaron Exalted One, High Mountain, Light Bringer Boys Name
Abel Breath, Highborn and Steadfast, Child Boys Name
Adam Red Earth, First Human Being Boys Name
Aden Fire Girls Name
Adria Dark, The Adriatic Sea Region, From Adria Girls Name
Aed Fiery Boys Name
Aedan Little Fire, Born of Fire Boys Name
Aedh Fire Boys Name
Agustin Great, Magnificent, Worthy of Respect Boys Name
Aidan Lord of All Universes, Superior, Mystery Boys Name
Aideen Little Fire, Face Girls Name
Aidrian From the Adriatic Boys Name
Aifric Boy/Girl
Ailean Fair, Handsome, Rock, Comely Boys Name
Aileen Light, Fair Haired Beauty, Bird Girls Name
Aileene Hazelnut, Little Bird, Desired, Life Giving Girls Name
Ailen Made of Oak, Handsome Boys Name
Aili Noble Estate, Noble, Light, Truthful Girls Name
Ailia Light Girls Name
Ailidh Kind, Noble Girls Name
Ailin Fair, Handsome, Rock, Comely Boys Name
Ailis Noble, Kind, Pledge from God Girls Name
Ailise Noble, Pledge from God Girls Name
Ailish God's Oath, Noble, Kind, Of the Noble Sort Girls Name
Aislin Vision Girls Name
Alain Handsome, Rock, Comely Boys Name
Alana Bringer of Hope, Admirable Girls Name
Alann Rock, Comely, Little Rock, Handsome Boys Name
Alaois Famous Warrior Boys Name
Alasdair A Scottish Gaelic Similar to Alexander from the Greek Boys Name
Alastar Protector of Mankind Boys Name
Albert Noble and Bright, Highborn, Brilliant Boys Name
Alby A City on a White Hill, White, Fair Boys Name
Alen Fair, Handsome Boys Name
Alena Dear Child, Torch, Goddess Durga Girls Name
Alex Form of Alexander Boys Name
Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind Boys Name
Alfred Wise Counsellor, Name of a King Boys Name
Alhan Good Voice, Pale Boys Name
Alick Defender of Men, Defender of Mankind Boys Name

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