Hindu Baby names starting with 'Z'

Hindu Baby names starting with Z - 143 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hindu Baby names starting with 'Z' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Zaafir Victorious Boy
Zaafira Victorious, Successful Girl
Zaahid Ascetic, Abstemious, Devotee Boy
Zaanjar Ornament of Leg (Paayal) Boy
Zaara Light, Brave, Beautiful Flower, Bright Girl
Zadeer Novel, New Boy
Zafar Brave, Victory, Triumph Boy
Zaheera Expression, Shining, Brilliant, Luminous Girl
Zahin Great, Intelligent, Clever Boy
Zahir Protector, Poet, Obvious, Shining, Sparkling Boy
Zahira Shining, Luminous, Brilliant, Expression Girl
Zahra Beautiful, Fair, White, Flower, From Kikuyu Girl
Zahrin Beautiful Girl
Zaid Honest, Great, Increase, Growth Boy
Zaida Abundance, Fortunate, Prosperous, Growth Girl
Zaiden Strength, Fiery, Sower of Seeds, Lion Boy
Zaigham Lion King of the Jungle, Lion Boy
Zain Swords, Excellent, Happy, Beautiful Boy
Zaina Beautiful Girl
Zainee Girl
Zaitun Olive, Fiery, Sower of seeds Girl
Zaiyaan Bright and graceful, Wild Jasmine, Honey Boy
Zakariya Zechariah, Remembering God Boy
Zaki Virtuous, Bright and Pure, Chaste, Pure Boy
Zakir Shiva, One who Remembers Boy
Zakiy Pure, Pious Boy
Zakiyaa Pure Girl
Zalak Instant appearance Boy
Zalika Well Born, Wondrously Beautiful, Shady Girl
Zamir Brave, Handsome, Song Boy
Zamuni A Holy River of Hindu, Purple Colour Girl
Zana Flow of Water Girl
Zanie God Grace Girl
Zanisha Most Beautiful, Girl
Zankar Ringing of Payal, Melodious voice Boy
Zankhana Deep desire Girl
Zankhna Deep Desire Girl
Zaqaria Cute Girl
Zara Princess, Lady, Shining, Flower, Light, Dawn Girl
Zaral Easy Girl

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